Friday, December 9, 2011

Occupy the T!

Mayor Menino's midnight deadline last night passed.. without eviction!

We are excited to celebrate the tenacity of Occupy Boston with the new, winter phase of the 99% String Quartet - Occupy the T!

We will be playing today, Friday, Dec 9, from 4pm-6pm in a downtown T station. Aiming for South Station (Red line, Alewife-bound platform), if we can nab the spot. Otherwise, we may be found at Park St, North Station, or Downtown Crossing!

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  1. We had a great time Occupying-the-T yesterday for four hours: the 99% String Quartet played its first subway performance for the afternoon commuters at Park St. (preceded by 2 hours of solo Bach and Ysaye).

    I couldn't tell if people were more thrilled about supporting Occupy via music, or about encountering a live string quartet on their commute home, but either way, lots of good energy and delighted smiles (from listeners and players alike!). Plus we collected almost $300 (from an estimated 180 individual supporters) for Occupy Boston!